About Us

About Us

The Father’s Girl is a Non governmental organization created by TitiLola tewe in 2016. 

Who she is

Titilola Tewe has over 15 years cognitive experience in Customer Service spanning across the advertising, telecommunications and Registrars industries. She has a passion to make a positive difference in people’s lives especially young women.



Father's girls


She is the founder of The Father’s Girls, an organisation with a vision to raise and nurture young girls into responsible adults, and she seeks to do this through her various platforms:

Tiaras & Cupcakes (A girls club),

I Am More (For young mums),

Beautiful Beginnings (For broken women)

Counselling Platform

She runs the Listening Ear, a free virtual counselling platform where she provides a place for teenagers and women to talk to certified counsellors/ life coaches and unburden their issues and receive the advice, support they need.

Father's Girls

Personal life

She resides in Lagos Nigeria with her husband and two beautiful children.